Building the safest place to interact with web3

The future of web3 is safe for mass adoption. Discover how Linea leads the pack with our unrivaled security initiatives.

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Zero-knowledge, evolved

Linea’s cutting-edge cryptographically secure zk infrastructure provides the foundation of the safest place to interact with web3.

  • Linea uses zkSNARK proofs to verify the computational integrity of every Linea transaction on Ethereum

  • Linea’s award winning, recursion-friendly, lattice-based prover is more performant than standard schemes ensuring high levels of cryptographic security with low gas fees

  • Linea adopts a research-directed approach to ensuring overall integrity. For example, by applying formal verification at multiple levels, such as the on-chain PLONK verifier and the ZK arithmetisation.

  • Linea is the first zkEVM to introduce more than one execution client. Our multi-client, multi-prover roadmap removes the risk of a single point of failure, creating a more secure execution environment for the ecosystem

Explore our full-spectrum security system

The most vigilant ecosystem


Web3 moves fast and demands a robust security ecosystem that can keep up

Linea’s smart contract infrastructure has passed extensive audits. On top of this, we work with over 20 security providers to provide broad security measures for the full spectrum of the ecosystem. Our infrastructure operates 24/7, actively detecting threats with real-time surveillance and response mechanisms. Through continuous monitoring, Linea can identify and address vulnerabilities, thwart attacks, and proactively protect users and protocols to create the safest place to be in Web3.

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Ecosystem economic monitoring

Risks extend beyond the smart contract. Our partnership with Gauntlet provides a real-time view on the health of our ecosystem’s economy to cultivate a transparent, security-focused culture.

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The security culture commitment

A network can only be as secure as the sum of its parts. By cultivating a security-focused community, users are involved in making Linea the safest place to be in Web3.

dApp Security

dApp Security

Linea dApps are incentivized to uphold the industry’s highest security standards

Community involvement

Community involvement

The entire Linea ecosystem is activated and encouraged to alert the community and improve transparency when threats emerge



Pioneer novel security, trust and attestation mechanisms to develop a permissionless verification layer, decentralized from a central decision making body

Every line of Linea contract code has been audited

Linea contracts have been rigorously audited by the industry’s most sophisticated and popular security firms.

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And we encourage all
Linea dApps to do the same

Our ecosystem’s best dApps are audited by well-known providers. We only promote dApps that have undergone a successful audit, creating strong incentives for application-level security.

Linea Ecosystem Auditors


Bug bounty program

Leveraging Linea’s vast developer ecosystem, we empower and incentivize developers to report vulnerabilities in Linea Smart Contracts.


Bridge safely

Our security partnership with Hexagate monitors the Linea Bridge to ensure that user deposits are safe.

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